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The Exciting/Dreaded Kitchen Remodel Part 1: A Story of 2 Dovetail Staffers

Updated: May 28, 2019

When embarking on any home project, we design nerds -and many normal people- get super excited. New stuff! Design, looks, functionality, a way to enhance our home's property value, further our design personality, more dinner parties, all that.

Two Dovetail staff members are going through remodels right now, and we feel your pain.

Case Study #1: The Naders

Background: Broken pipes caused damage and ceiling came crashing down. Must remodel dining room and kitchen. No choice.

Side note: [Hooray!] This situation is every Dovetail staff member's dream if we are honest. If you MUST remodel, do it with flair and do it all at once. Economy of scale and all that. Have you ever wished that a tree would fall on your old car so you can get a new one? it's kinda like that with us and kitchens.

Case Study #2: The Harts

Background: Amy & Eric built a private residence for her parents attached to their home in 2014. They need more space [read: a sewing room], and were really tired of schlepping their laundry all across the house, so a new shared laundry room adjacent to their home was in order.

Side note: [Hooray!] This means a new kitchen for Amy since one existing wall will be disrupted with the new door to the new laundry room.

That was the exciting part. Now, here is the dreaded part.

Nader Home: Gary & Lindsay, Quinn & Reese and one tiny dog named Rooney have been living with a demolished kitchen for weeks. As of the writing of this post, they have dealt with a lot of anxiety, but are taking it in stride, and are still excited.

The Nader Family (pre-remodel)

Hart Home: Appliances are being staged in the dining room and we still walk to the ghost refrigerator and try to open the non-existent doors. Demo of floors and more will begin next week. The 2 very large dogs Starr and Wynn have no idea what's in store for them [read: dog door will not be accessible to them for a couple of months].

Starr & Wynn Hart in their "old" kitchen

Stay tuned as we journal our progress, blood, sweat and tears. And drinks. And grilled food. Because the grill will be the only cooking appliance we have for a long time.

Next post: Deciding what Cabinetry and Countertops to put into your home - How we did it.

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