With so many different countertop surfaces it can be overwhelming knowing what to use for your project. We provide samples of any kind of hard surface on the market with a professional designer on staff to help teach you what is best for your application.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone has unmatched beauty only Mother Nature can provide. In fact, natural stone is so unique in appearance, that we recommend visiting our stone partners to make your final slab selection for your project.


Examples of natural stone traditionally used for countertops are granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone and onyx. Other natural stone products such as slate, limestone and travertine are used for flooring, tile, shower surrounds and more.


Natural stone has varying levels of porosity and density. The selection of stone is a very important part of the collaboration with your designer. He or she will be able to recommend the best products for the end use.


Quartz is an engineered product comprised of natural quartz and acrylic. Quartz makes maintenance very easy and will keep its natural beauty for years without sealing or polishing. This product, being non-porous, does not absorb stains or harbor harmful bacteria. Simply clean it regularly with soap and water for it to keep its lustrous gloss and radiant sheen. The low maintenance of this product makes it an ideal surface material for kitchen countertops, bath vanity tops, bar tops and more. All of our quartz products are professionally produced using state of the art computer assisted measuring and manufacturing and then meticulously and professionally installed. 


Wood tops are a beautiful, natural product that can be used alone as a total project, or as a compliment to laminates, marble, quartz or granite tops. Manufactured wood tops have many uses such as countertops, island tops, table tops, benches, mantels and many more. 


The unique finish allows for easy clean up, is food safe and resists most household solvents. Clean up of spills is simply done with just mild soap and water. You can also specify to have your wood top finished with just mineral oil. 


Concrete countertops have become a popular feature in kitchens over the past few years. With beautiful stains and customized measurements, many homeowners are finding that concrete counter-tops are the perfect addition to their homes. Many consumers choose concrete counter-tops as an environmentally friendly alternative to using quarried stone or petroleum-based materials. Concrete is durable yet beautiful, and it can be stained to match the décor of the room. Concrete counter-tops can also be enhanced by embedding tile or mosaics in the concrete. While concrete counter-tops are durable, a sealer must be applied in order to protect them. They must also be waxed regularly to maintain the shine and durability. Concrete counter-tops may develop small cracks over time, but these do not affect the strength or stability. Many homeowners believe that the cracks simply add to the charm and character of concrete counter-tops.

Solid Surface

Solid surface is a non-porous and low-maintenance material used for surfaces such as countertops, sinks, shower surrounds, bathtubs and more.


Solid surface brands like Corian®, LG Hi-Macs® and others are manufactured in sheets and fabricated to suit your space. It can be joined nearly invisibly by our trained fabricators.


Cultured Marble Products are manufactured, poured materials that are suitable for bathrooms, laundry rooms and more. These products are manufactured by using either crushed marble, granite or onyx to create a unique product that can offer a wide variety of colors, pattern and veining options. Cultured marble is a lower-cost alternative to natural stone and other solid surface products.