Gentle reader, we know the "mart" is a brutal place to exist, but it's time to step away from the wallflowers and dance.  You've added Dovetail to your dance card, and we couldn't be happier than Anthony Bridgerton dancing with Kate Sharma!

1. From across a crowded ballroom...
  • Take the first step and say hello, either from our website, a phone call, an email or stop into the showroom.
  • You'll be paired with the designer that best suits your geographic region and scope of work. If you've been referred to someone in particular please let us know that.
  • After we've answered your questions and have an idea of the scope, you'll be sent a link to our Design Services Agreement. This is the first step required to start the design process. If you have never worked with a designer before, just give us a call and we'll answer your questions and put your mind at ease.
2. Let's waltz!
  • Sit down with your designer and co-design your space together. We want your ideas, your needs and wishes. We'll also need some idea of your appliance selections.
  • Give us an idea of your budget at this first meeting. This helps your designer guide you into the right product for you.
3. We're officially courting.
  • Your design team will draw and quote your new space, itemizing each product type for easy modification later.
  • Plan on a couple of revisions until you are pleased with the final result. This can take weeks or months.
4. We're engaged!
  • A final measure will occur at this time. If you require any architectural changes, the measure will happen after the new walls are framed.
  • The design is revised with accurate measurements, and re-priced.
  • A contract is written and sent to you for your approval. We make it easy! You'll be able to view and sign everything online.
  • The deposit is collected. 
  • The orders are placed and we're off to the races.
5. Planning for the big day.
  • You'll be working primarily with your dedicated project manager on scheduling your delivery and installation.
  • This is an especially long wait period thanks to the covid pandemic. Lead times are not friendly, and you'll have to call up all of your patience.
  • It's a great time to tie a ribbon around all of your fine details. If you have hired Dovetail for additional design services, you'll be shopping with your designer for lights, tile, fixtures and more.
6. The wedding!
  • Hip Hip Hooray! It's time for installation and punch work.
  • Your designer will step onto the dance floor once again and meet with you to walk through the project and inspect the work. If anything should need more attention that will be managed during this phase.
7. Moving into your new home
  • It's time to move in and work out the kinks.
  • You'll receive a survey and be entered for a chance to win a free champagne reception in your new space. Show it off to your family and friends. 
8. The honeymoon
  • What a fabulous time! You're getting to know one another.
  • In the next few months you'll receive an email to schedule your complimentary service call. After your cabinets have been used for awhile, the doors and drawers may need some adjustments. 
  • Dovetail is here for as long as you need us, just like the wise and stylish Lady Danbury. If anything should get damaged over the years, please don't hesitate to call us and enlist our help in fixing any problems.

Now you're #familybydovetail.